The 2016 Arsies: January 7, 2016

January 7, 2016 arse

We've got another quick round of the Arsies today, courtesy of two bands from Baltimore. Turnstile enthusiastically win the coin toss, so we start with their debut album Nonstop Feeling. And what follows is half an hour of fistpumping retro-loving hardcore fun. This album is the Lego Movie of metal releases; it's impossible to not like some aspect of it, especially if you don't think too much as you take it all in.
Noisem follows up with something decidedly different: a sharknado of fresh and uncompromising grindcore. Blossoming Decay is even shorter than Turnstile's album, but delivers even more devastation. And whereas Turnstile deliver a lively homage to the past, Noisem manage to evoke and build upon well-travelled territory to deliver something altogher new.
Noisem takes the win today! Will they have what it takes to defeat Mutoid Man? We'll find out in three weeks. Meanwhile, Sumac and Irreversible Mechanism go head-to-head tomorrow.

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